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The following list highlights many of the features you will find in the ManageMore suite of products.
For additional information on Industry specific features, please click here.

  ManageMore Features
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Multi-tier Chart of Accounts
Bank Reconciliations
Fixed Allocations
Unlimited Open Years
Check Printing
Customer Credit Hold
Customer Check Hold
Finance Charges
Multi-tier Taxes
Tax on Tax capabilities
Taxing Authorities
Branch/Location Sensitive
Electronic check payments
On-screen customer aging
Supports Accrual or Cash Based accounting method
"Behind-the-scenes" view of GL Postings on transactions
Export Journal Entries to Quickbooks™
Write-off bad debt feature
Recurring bill payments
Print or Electronically send  Vendor 1099's
Freely distributable Auditors Edition allows outside accountants to review/modify financials, including Bank Reconciliations (i.e. similar to Quickbooks® Accountant Copy feature)

Quotations, Proposals, and Sales Documents
Back Dates to allow posting to correct accounting period
Customer-Level Pricing
Specific Customer Pricing, per Item/Category/Department with expiry date
Allows for Bill To and Ship To Address Information
Prior year adjustments can be easily made on Ledger
Allow changes to every facet of invoice line items
Easily find invoice items by various means including unique Intellisearch lookup
Control entry behavior of each item entered on invoice
Sales Commissions by percentage, flat amount or gross profit calculation.
Tiered Sales Commissions by Retroactive / Step Quantity, and Margin percentage
Each item supports Multi-level Sales Commissions based on employee type
Returns allow changes to unit cost if desired
Returns restrict cash refund if original tender different
Discounts can be handled per line item or as a total amount for the document
View inventory levels at all locations while invoicing
Definable field for info unique to your business
Special comments, warranties or instructions can be added to each invoice line item
Customer Shipping Instructions can be included per document
Selecting a customer for document can preset Tax, Terms, Ship to, Bill to, Shipping Instructions, etc.
Analysis reports show cost of sales, gross profits and percentages, etc.
Returned items are held for  easier allocation later on (return to Vendor or Stock, Discard Item, etc.)
Alerts user when customer credit limit exceeded
User definable invoice terms and shipping methods
Process COD invoice and track payment until receipt
Service type invoice format can suppress unit prices to reflect grand totals only
Batch Invoice Printing

Fully integrated with A/R, Inventory and G/L
Automatically updates inventory levels and account balances
View inventory levels at all locations during sale
Supports trade-in items, returns, redemptions, and other negative quantity line items during POS entry
Support for electronic cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays, magnetic card readers and barcode scanners
Credit Card Authorization supports AVS/CVV2/CVC2
Handles multiple tender types like cash, checks, credit cards, store credit, gift certificates, etc.
User definable tender type
Split tender capability
Cash Drawer reconciliation
Suggestive Cross Selling (Similar/Alternate/Add-on Items)
Barcode scans item code, UPC, or other alias codes
Price levels can be easily changed during sale
End of day reports summarizes daily sales by store or employee
Bank deposit preparation
Summary/detail reports for filing all taxes
Auto-Logout feature after each sales transaction
Prevent or Warn user of refunds on items past their return policy period
Instant Credit Card Purchase History lookup allows customers to refund items without a receipt

Supports creation of Bill-of-Materials with unlimited Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
Allows for work flow processing from pending work order to final completion of work order.
Work Orders allow deviation from original Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials support labor charges, start/stop dates on components and scrap considerations.
Follows proper cost accounting standards with variance adjustments
Supports Serialized Inventory and automatic labeling of merchandise

  Inventory Control
Multi-location inventory management
Supports LIFO, FIFO, Last,  Average costing methods
Manage unlimited Tangible and Intangible Items
Manage Items that require Serialized/Lot tracking
Manage Matrix Inventory items (i.e. item with similar characteristics that might only vary in color, size, style, etc.)
Manage internal inventory office supplies
Item codes can be up to 16 characters in length
Up to 3 vendors per item
8 price levels per item
5 price breaks per level
Fractional Quantity capable
Item unit cost precision to 5 decimal places
Item unit price precision to 4 decimal places
Track reorder point stock levels per item
Track  minimum/maximum stock levels per item
Track best/last cost, EOQ, and lead time per item
Inventory Templates for quick item additions
5 pricing calculations including markup, margin, reduction amount, fixed price and fixed percentage.
Price Rounding to *.95, *.99, *95, *99, etc.
Graph Inventory Levels
Bar Code Printing
Price Protection
Unit Measure Conversion
Auto Fill Sequential Manufacturer Serial No.
User-definable attributes (i.e., size, style, color, etc)
Global Price change with price import feature
Attach Images, Streaming Audio, Streaming Video to Items
Item Kits
Automatic Item discontinue feature when product is depleted from inventory
Multi-level Categories
Item Code Aliases
Instant on-screen M-T-D, Q-T-D and Y-T-D statistics on sales, purchases,   adjustments, transfers, returns, discards, and COGS per item
Audit Trail for Inventory Adjustments
Stock Transfer capabilities
Auto Suggest Stock Transfers from main holding facility to other Locations/Branches
Inventory Import/Export feature in various formats
Quick on-screen price check feature for any item
Item codes can be assigned weight for freight calculations when invoicing
Allows automatic item code generation per category
Item code additions can generate check digit for reduced data entry errors
Reconciliation can create count worksheets and auto-adjust variances 
Cycle counting with ABC Analysis
Supports data collectors for faster inventory counts
Supports MS Windows 32-bit or 64-bit OS including  XP/Vista/7/8/2008/2012
Video Tutorials
Comprehensive Online Help
Company setup wizard guides you through software implementation and includes over 100 business models
Data Import/Export
Quickbooks® database conversion included for easy migration
Multi-store Design
Multi-user Ready
Multi-company Capable
Multi-tasking Infrastructure
Sample Data Provided
Customizable data entry screens
Shortcut Keys and Toolbar definable by user
Training Mode allows user to practice or experiment without harm to database
Accounting handled behind the scenes on all documents
Email documents, reports, and statements easily
Integrated Spell Checker
File Backup utility included
Global Field Search/Replace utilities for mass updates
Company Logo image can be added to documents
Built-in Query wizard finds data sets by boolean expressions (greater than, less than, not equal, equal, etc.)
Saved custom query lists
On-demand reporting of  Query generated lists
Custom Data Views can be created for ad-hoc sorts and hiding / showing columns
"Sounds-like" feature for searching customer names
Customer templates can be setup for quicker data entry of new clients
Address Lookup and visual map during data entry

Purchase Quotes, Purchase Orders, Back Orders, and Purchase Receipt capabilities
Cost Camouflage Feature
View Purchase History
Auto Generate Purchase Orders using intelligent predictive analysis or traditional item quantity levels
Generate/Assign Serial Numbers on Purchase Receipts
Check Vendor Payment History
Drop Shipping
Auto-fill Sales Order
Configure Preferred Vendors per Item
Create inventory items
on-the-fly while purchasing
Maintain Item Quantity Held, Committed, and Ordered
Quick Auto-fill of purchase orders based on previous orders to same vendor
Purchase orders can be edited, printed, and reprinted at any time
Receive partial purchase orders
Cancel all or a portion of a purchase order
Automatic freight and discount prorating on purchases for precise
inventory item costing
Numerous inventory reports and sales charts to analyze inventory performance and help forecast future ordering

Recurring and incidental Billing
Templates allows for billing various services to customer
Multiple billing periods allow you to bill as often as needed
Multiple billing terms (i.e., weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual, etc.)
Support for 28-day billing periods
On-screen bill presentment
Customer statement reprint for any prior billing period
Several professional statements to choose from
Export statement info to third party printing service
Suppress printing of bills for certain customers
EFT integrated in billing process workflow
Email customer bills (HTML)
Allow template customization of electronic HTML bill
Allow dunning messages to appear on statements
Allow Bill P.O. Reference
Suppress bill printing based on min. balance, customer type, location, etc.
Company Logo printing
Watermark printing
Optical Mark Recognition support for Pitney Bowes bill sorting equipment
Barcode printing on statement for faster batch payment processing
Sub-Account feature can support departmental group breaks on one customer bill

  Sales Order Processing
Manage any kind of order document-- Work Orders, Web Orders, Service Orders, Layaways, and Contract Pricing documents
Allows partial shipment of sales orders
Allows comments, misc. charges, and labor charges on sales orders
Accepts payments and deposits at time of order
Allows prepaid sales orders
Future Date orders to be invoiced at a later time
Cancel all or a portion of a sales order
Sales orders can be edited, printed, and reprinted at any time
Fulfillment screen can display all pending orders in FIFO with availability status for completion to make invoice
Generate pick tickets
Warn user of low stock levels
Alerts user when customer credit limit exceeded

  Return Authorization (RMAs)
Manage Customer/Vendor Return Authorizations
Track Warranty Information
Auto-Generate Return Authorization Numbers
Generate Outstanding RMA Reports
Restocking Fees
Exchange Documents
Negative Quantities on Documents
Returns can be forced to require RMA approval
RMA's can be edited, printed and reprinted at any time
RMA's can be given disposition so that user is aware of customer request
RMA Reason Codes

Remote Connectivity
Manage Unlimited Number of Locations
Satellite office can remotely operate effectively with as little as 100k bandwidth
Optimized for Cloud Computing using MS Terminal Services
Transactions, Customers, Incidents, and more are logged to originating location
User can be assigned to a  location/region or choose their location on-the-fly
Dozens of affordable ISAAS Hosting providers to choose from or set up your own internal Cloud Server to administer your multi-location operation
Most POS equipment and printers can be setup to work properly over remote session

Bulk Email
Customer Tracking/Profiling
Prospect Tracking/Profiling
Track Return on Investment using Advertising Codes
Imported prospect lists automatically filter out duplicates and/or merges new information to keep your name lists up-to-date
Integrated mail-merge capabilities
Supports printing to dozens of common address label formats or create your own
Export database contents for mail-merge into MS Word or MS Excel

Target overdue customers by criteria like aging, min. balance, customer, location, etc.
Create letters directly from a query you have generated
Auto-incrementing dunning message on letters
View/Create contact notes for each customer
Tag specific contact notes to auto-popup when customer is accessed
Create employee tasks for reminder and follow-up calls to overdue customers
Send customized emails to your overdue customers
Automatically generate a collections fee on all customers in your query

Real-time Integration with Back-end Accounting/ Operations
Powerful eCommerce without Programming Knowledge
Flexible Shopping Cart
Multiple professional ecommerce template choices
Open Architecture for Template Customization
Easily synchronize your Web storefront with any changes or new items added on the Back-End/Accounting side
View Cart, Cart Checkout, Instant Cart Contents
Auto creates order at back-end from Cart Checkout
ISP hosted design eliminates possible concerns of computer security breach
Automatic Order Notification via Email
Authorize Credit Cards Online or at Back-End Office
Attach pictures to your inventory for synchronizing back-office and Web storefront
Ready to go with popular Zen Cart open source cart

Combination of hundreds of comprehensive reports
Report wizard for creating your own savable reports
Custom report creation allows user-definable sort-orders, multi-level grouping, totaling, averaging and more
Report Favorites can be created for quick access
Reports can be output to Printer, Screen, ASCII CSV, ASCII Tab Delimited, PDF, and Email.
Quickly print reports to screen and electronically search for any information
Flexible print preview allows changing output printer, tagging specific pages for printing, and  zooming 
Scheduler can launch reports at set times or intervals to print or email
Scheduler can launch groups of reports on demand
Report Favorites can be setup per employee
Optional ODBC capability for creating custom reports using other tools (e.g., Crystal Reports)

  Shipping & Receiving
Packing Slips
Picking Lists
Freight Estimator
Shipping Manifest which interfaces directly with UPS Worldship
Record Package Tracking Numbers from Carrier
Personalized Email Notification of shipment with URL for customer tracking
Address Labels

Link Tasks to documents
Intra Company Mail
Customer/Vendor History Calendar
Document History Calendar
User Groups/Access Rights
Enterprise Wide Event Log
Company-wide Calendar
Customer Care screen facilitates instant inquiry access to a customer's history of quotes, orders, invoices, payments, incidents, tasks, emails, etc.
Last 25 customers accessed can be re-visited anytime
True Email browser integration eliminates need for MAPI interface to products like MS Outlook
Manage multiple internal/external email accounts
Address Book to store and retrieve email addresses for employees, customers, vendors, prospects, etc.
Create personalized folders for organizing and prioritizing your emails
Easily forward email or set rules to route email to another account when you are not available
Setup shared email accounts that an entire department can respond to (e.g., sales@mybiz.com)
Quickly respond to email with user-defined templates and signatures
Allow sending/receiving of electronic file attachments like invoices, spreadsheets, documents, etc.
Schedule tasks (i.e., to do's, appointments and call backs) for yourself or assign them to other employees or departments
Recurring tasks can be setup to remind employees of routine tasks that need accomplished at set times or intervals
Web-based interface for customers to make online payments and review transactions

  Online Payroll with Time & Attendance
Integrated Time Clock feature manages employee times as they log in/out of program.
Interface with popular nationwide online payroll service
Provides turnkey solution which eliminates data entry errors with automated transmittal of employee timesheets and electronic import of payroll journal entries.
Online payroll solution eliminates tax filing penalties, reduces labor costs, provides conveniences like Direct Deposit, and requires no tax table software updates ever.
No technical expertise needed

Documents throughout program record employee, location, date and time
Security Administrator with user-defined groups and rights
Security can be set at the menu, window and field level throughout most of program
Define Company Policy per document
Audit all activities performed by user
Allows creation of centralized purchasing for multi-store operations
Schedule management related reports
Notify departments/users of company meetings, trainings, policy changes, etc. through internal email

  Task Management
Create tasks for yourself or assign them to other employees
Task templates can be created for Appointments, Jobs, Reminders, To Do's, Call Backs, etc.
Recurring task capabilities
Task assignment can be done for an entire department
Instant list of all tasks completed or still pending per employee or entire company
Balances task workloads through round robin technique
Progress indicator lets others know percentage of task that is completed
Tasks can include up to 16 user-defined fields

  Document Management
Create a paperless office environment with integrated features that allow scanning, storing and retrieving of all company documents on your existing hardware
Scanned documents can easily be configured to save in multiple file formats including PDF, TIFF, JBIG, etc.
Easily create virtual filing cabinets and drawers with security rights, multiple repository locations, and template based rules
password protect sensitive documents with 128-bit encryption strength
Advanced document searching capabilities supports various search techniques for quick retrieval
Unique integration throughout program virtually eliminates the problem of mismanaged electronic filing
Supports electronic file management as well (i.e. spreadsheet files, Video/Graphics, Audio, Word documents, etc.)


¹ Requires purchase of separate third party software
Requires service from ISP/CSP which carry compliant shopping cart applications
Requires internet connection and basic web browser (ie. MS IE or Netscape)


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