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  Using Reciprocal Links or Link Exchanges, as a means of promoting a website, product, or service can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help a website grow and succeed online.  Because of this, Intellisoft places emphasis on businesses that are willing to network together in order to build link popularity.  Keep in mind that some knowledge of HTML will be necessary in order for you to do a link exchange.

Visit our Advertising Page and fill out the request form if you are interested in a free banner exchange or link exchange program with us.  Identify on the advertising request form that you are interested in our reciprocal link program.  The following are our minimum guidelines for us to consider a linking strategy:

1. For a minimum of one year, a link must remain on your web site pointing to a web page contained within an Intellisoft web site.

2. The reciprocal link must be no further than 2 levels deep within your website.

3. The reciprocal link must be visible on the web page.  No link hiding will be acceptable!

4. Your web page containing the reciprocal link must contain some level of Google Page Ranking.

5. The reciprocal link must be of the HTML form <A href="http://www....">. No Javascript or other link representation will be acceptable.

6. Any of the following links can be used on your web site as a reciprocal link.
However, you cannot change or deviate from the link text as displayed here.
If you were planning on linking to a different web page in our site, we will contact you regarding the proper link text.

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Accounting Software Solutions Accounting Web Resources
CRM Software Solutions CRM Web Resources
Bulk Email Software Solutions Email Marketing Web Resources
Ecommerce Software Solutions Ecommerce Web Resources
Cellular Software Cellular Industry Web Resources
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Inventory Control Software Supply Chain Management Web Resources

Alternatively, you can place the following graphics with linking on your site:

  Copy HTML Code below and paste into your web page:
<a href="">
<img border="0" src="" width="145" height="49"></a>

Disclaimer:  Intellisoft reserves the right to refuse any reciprocal linking if we do not feel that it will ultimately benefit our objectives or that of our web visitors.


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